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        Black Clover (TV): 1x145

        Episodio 145

        The Bulls infiltrate Lehart alongside the other Magic Knights and find a large crowd of angry commoners gathered. Vanessa is approached by two Banishers who demand she leaves with them quietly or Secre and Marie will be killed instantly. The Banishers arrive and Kabwe announces he is willing to spare Secre and Marie if Asta surrenders himself. Asta reveals himself but then reveals he is Grey in disguise while the real Asta attacks from above. As the battle rages several Banishers turn invisible and escape with Secre and Marie while Asta follows their ki. Sensing the battle Vanessa decides to escape, only for the two Banishers to reveal their job was to remove her fate altering magic from the battle. The two then commit suicide in front of a shocked Vanessa. Asta catches the Banishers but is forced to surrender his Grimoire. Asta instead surprises them by saving Marie using only physical strength.

        Black Clover (TV): 1×145
        Black Clover (TV): 1×145
        Black Clover (TV): 1×145
        Black Clover (TV): 1×145
        Sep. 29, 2020